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Home loan/financing at HSBC

Category: Berita bank di Malaysia Published: Saturday, 01 January 2011


The right type of home loan

Eyeing your first home? Getting the right home loan/financing is your first step towards home ownership. And it's not as scary as you think. Once you have figured out how much home loan/financing you require, just remember the 3 Ts: Type, Tenure and Total


A flexible home loan/financing is your best option if you want to pay off your home loan/financing faster and reduce your interest/financing payable. How?

  • Reduce interest/financing payable by depositing your entire salary in the home financing account. When you need the cash, withdraw the excess payment (salary – monthly instalment = excess payment) anytime without fees.
  • Leave a little behind every month. Saving a little extra, even just RM50*, in your flexible home loan/financing account every month as excess payment can help you save on the interest charged.
  • Take a longer tenure to enjoy lower monthly instalments repayment so that it will not be burdensome should you be financially tight in certain months. A longer tenure can be shortened with excess payments you put in your home/loan financing account

More info at : HSBC Home Loan


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